Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Arafa Holding..

In 2014, he co-founded Dolphinus Holdings and is overlooking all its activities

Dr. Arafa Graduated at Ain Shams University in Cairo (“Faculty of Medicine”). After graduation, Dr. Arafa joined his father in managing and developing industrial and commercial activities in Egypt for textile and apparel sector. Since then, such activities have gradually grown and led to the establishment of a Holding (“Arafa Holding” listed in Cairo Stock Exchange in 2004) that is, today, a prominent apparel and textile manufacturer and fashion retailer in Egypt, UK and Italy.

In addition to his major investments in fashion, Dr. Arafa has been actively investing in other industries including real estate, agriculture, energy, cement and food where he co-founded and was a key shareholder of the largest Private Equity firm in the region and served on their board of directors. Also Dr. Arafa co-founded and served as a Board member of CIIC, one of the first and largest private investment banks in Egypt.

In addition to his role in industrial and commercial areas, Dr. Alaa Arafa has been involved in international arena where he served as Vice Chairman of Egyptian team for negotiations for the Qualified Industrial Zones Agreement (“QIZ”). He also served as the Chairman of the Egyptian Center for Economic Studies, one of the most sophisticated non-profit think tanks and research Organization in Egypt.